I’m so bad at this

The football World Cup is something that happens without me.

I’m aware of it only when I walk past a bar and hear men shouting at a screen.

My lifelong disinterest in the beautiful game stems from school, where I showed zero talent, interest or aptitude for playing with anything ball-shaped.

To this day, if you throw me a spherical object of any size, it slips through my hands, fingers or legs.

Hopeless. Dreadful.

And yet.

Talk branding, promotions and client attraction, and you’re in my zone of genius.

I can take direct responsibility for £30m of revenue in my own companies, and indirect responsibility for more still in other people’s ventures.

In fact, after 30,000+ hours doing all that, I can answer any question, overcome any challenge and create a success blueprint for pretty-much any kind of business.

But, enough about me.

All that stuff’s now available to YOU, in one place:

>> The Client Attraction Blueprint <<

It’s my small-group, high attention signature programme where I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed.

I want you to have the life of abundance, freedom and joy that comes from growing your own thriving practice. 

And that’s a goal I CAN understand.


PS – The Client Attraction Blueprint kicks off in July and places are almost gone. Go have a dribble around the page before the final whistle.

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