In The Raw!

Bad luck

When you’re speaking, broadcasting or writing, it’s always a good idea to be authentic, to be you.

Actually, scratch that.

It’s a must. 

Let your personality shine through.

Tell your story.

But deeper than that, it’s sometimes good to dig into the dark days of your past, to reveal stuff that you’re not proud of, or that went wrong all by itself, and certainly wouldn’t want to replicate now.

Of course, we don’t want to JUST read your sob stories, hard-luck disasters or family tragedies day in, day out.

But, just once in a while, let’s see what you’ve battled through, and won, to become who you are today.


PS – I bared my soul in a live interview with Stefan Boyle, where he got me talking about stuff I haven’t made public before. Check out the downward slopes of my rollercoaster life!

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