Is “selling” bad?

I triggered a lively debate on social media the other day about whether a coach also needs to be a salesperson.

Half the comments said no, you should never sell. Just let the customer decide.

The other half were like, sell as hard as you need to to make them a customer.

Here’s the thing: both approaches are right. It comes down to how you define “selling”.


  • Hammering away after a customer says no
  • Dropping your price to tempt a reluctant buyer
  • Serving a 45 minute canned pitch to wear them into submission


  • Engaging with an ideal client who’d benefit from what you do
  • Presenting them a compelling solution at a price they can afford
  • Guiding them to make a decision in their best interest

If you do that regularly, you’ll thrive, and so will they.

Nothing “salesy” about that, is there?


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