Is this the phrase of the year?

Last week, my brain went into overdrive after I read a passage from a book called “In Defence Of Elitism” by William A. Henry.

“Too many people believe their chance of success depends on the whims of fate rather than on their own hard work.

“Worse, (this) ‘lottery mentality’ often translates into an assumption that all life is a game of chance, all success accidental, the wealthy and powerful simply lucky rather than accomplished.

When daydreams substitute for plans, when wishing seems more appropriate than work, when envy gains yet another rationale, (our) whole society is the loser.”

The book is full of challenges to oft-perceived wisdom.

Henry suggests we’d all be better if we stopped:

😣 Believing everyone has an equal chance to succeed
😣 Blaming bad luck when things don’t turn out so well
😣 Assuring people they can have anything they dream of
😣 Being jealous of others’ wealth and perceived power
😣 Attributing the success of others to their good fortune

The phrase “when daydreams substitute for plans” seems to resonate with many of my experiences of coaches and therapists in our profession.


Love you lots
Jonny 💖

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