Is this why you’re sinking?

In a storm, some ships need a little steer on the rudder.

They’re looking for a beacon of light, however faint, that’ll keep them off the rocks and show them safe passage.

Then there’ll be other boats who’ll never find their way unless they have a line on their bow, dragging them all the way to calmer waters.

And it’s the same with clients.

You get to choose how much they can nail you to the mast in responsibility for their results.

Before they’re onboard, make it clear how you anchor their input in the relationship.

Lay out whether you’re going to do it for them, or if you’ll be guiding them to do it for themselves.

There’s only one route to plain sailing:

Decide whether you’re a tugboat or a lighthouse.

And when they pay you for a little illumination, make sure they know it costs way more for the towing service.

Otherwise you’ll be treading water forever.

Love you lots

PS: If you’re the first to correctly count the number of nautical metaphors in this post, you win a flagon of rum. Or something.

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