Is your business set forever ?

I had a revelation today, talking with my life-coaching friend Boothy from North Carolina.

Our live interview debated working with a specific, single client avatar by positioning yourself as an expert a particular field.

We highlighted the anxiety that can spring from that approach:

  • What about all the other people I’m not helping?
  • Am I really good enough at this?
  • Surely I can’t charge this much?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?

Aside from the obvious point that those are just thoughts which have little basis in fact or reason, here’s what came to me:

Whether or not it works out, you don’t have to keep doing it forever. 

Just try it till you don’t want to anymore, then do something else instead.

Your game. Your rules.  


PS – There’s one big rule in my November game – if you can get to the Midlands of England on the 22nd November, you really should. 5 tickets only left tonight for the Client Attraction Summit, probably the most important event you’ll attend this year. Just do it. 

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