Is your business success a lottery?

We all know the odds of winning the lottery are vanishingly small.

In fact, the only reason anyone buys a lottery ticket is that the investment is also insignificantly tiny.

You kind of KNOW you’re going to lose, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll still pay the bills, right?

But what if you were gambling EVERYTHING you had, every day, hoping that it’ll pay off and you’ll win big?

Many coaches, trainers and therapists I come across seem to be doing just that.

With no clear idea of WHAT they’re offering, WHO it’s for or HOW they can deliver it effectively, they’re almost ensuring lottery-style disappointment forever.

Imagine then, if you could play the lottery when you already knew what five of the winning numbers were going to be?

That’s how it feels when you get to grips with WHAT it is you do, WHO it’s for, and HOW you’re going to deliver it.

I’ll take a gamble on the bonus ball, but anything more is a bit too risky for me. 


PS – Let me share my strategy for shifting the odds of success dramatically in your favour.   

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