It’s a NO from me

Are you bombarded with messages from people asking you to do stuff?

Here are a few I’ve had recently:

  • Would you like to see my new video?
  • Are you free on the 2nd?
  • Can I share an opportunity with you?
  • Do you need any sales staff?
  • As we’re in the same business, can we share ideas?

All those met with a polite but terminal NO thanks from me.

Not “contact me in the New Year.”
Not “what’s it about?”
And definitely not “Please, tell me more”

Putting people on a polite glide-path to a “no” after a bunch of exchanges is just a waste of everyone’s time.

It’s a distraction from your true mission, and will crush your effectiveness and chances of success.

Learning to say NO to 95% of the world RIGHT AWAY gives you plenty of time to work with the remainder.

That’s the 5% YOU choose, not the other way round. 


PS – The Facebook Groups Free Challenge came to an end yesterday, with a fabulous session on How To Make Money From Your Group. Kinda important, right? 

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