It’s easy to get what you want…

As author James Clear says:

“The best properties are rarely for sale.
The best employees are rarely job hunting.
The best clients are rarely shopping.
The best option is usually off the market.
Most people think this means you can’t have it. What it really means is you have to go find it and sell yourself.”

Read the third line again:

“The best clients are rarely shopping.”

This means your branding, profiles and marketing will only take you so far.

✅ Your daily process needs to focus on active outreach
✅ Your ability to spot your ideal client in a crowd needs to be finely honed
✅ And most importantly, you need to become really, really good at getting your prospect to understand how the timing and relevance of your offer is exactly what they want, right now.

That high-ticket programme won’t sell itself.


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