It’s not them, it’s you

Here’s some nothing-new-news:

There’s a bunch of whining going on. 

This week alone, I’ve seen and heard a ton of moany stuff.

  • I’ve spent £30k on coaching and none of it was any good
  • Facebook doesn’t work for business
  • There’s too much rubbish on social media
  • Clients are not willing to pay money these days
  • No-one listens to podcasts, so what’s the point?
  • GDPR has killed email
  • LinkedIn is full of spammers
  • Nobody answers my connection requests
  • People are getting fed up with coaching offers
  • I can’t do live videos

Thing is, lots of successful folks would argue the opposite on each of those points.

At what point do you decide, it’s not them?

It’s you.


PS – If “IT” really is YOU, the good news is that you don’t have to change the game to become great. Just change the way you play it.  

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