Jonny Hates Marketing!

Jonny Hates Marketing

When it comes to finding customers, there’s much to dislike about the approach many marketers, business owners and online get-rich-quick schemers seem to take.

Of course I don’t HATE all marketing, just the really hard stuff.

In fact, my love of organic, intelligent, connection-based marketing is what drove me to launch my new podcast called Jonny Hates Marketing.

I’m interviewing really smart marketers from around the world, who’ve cracked the code of Effortless Marketing and have clients falling over themselves to buy what they’re selling.

Of course, this isn’t about them, or me.

It’s about you, and you’ve always told me you need one thing, above all else:

More clients, more easily.

It seemed natural to name the podcast Jonny Hates Marketing, and here it is…


In this brand-new half-hour episode, I hang out with guest Scotty Doucet, Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Podcast Bay, currently the hottest real estate in the podcast world.

We discuss:

– The dumbest marketing ideas we’ve seen this month
– How I busted two copycat online courses
– Why snake-oil salesmen are hiding on the internet
– When pregnancy scans and music promotions are incompatible
– Why most online marketing sucks, anyway
– Some smart stuff you should be doing, right now

Plus we laugh, quite a lot actually.

>>Here’s where you can find it on good ole’ iTunes<<

If you hate Apple – and I’m not judging you…

>>Here’s another way to listen, using a platform called Stitcher<<

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My hope is that it brings some fun, clarity and value to you personally, right from the start.

Let’s Get On With It!


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