Latest news about the economy

“The economy’s in a terrible state”

…someone said to me yesterday.

  • Energy prices still way too high
  • Interest rates killing us
  • Businesses closing down
  • Everyone’s tightening their belts
  • Companies can’t get the staff

This next bit is written with zero judgement, maximum respect, and my desire to help you:

The only people affected by “the economy” are:

People employed by others or receiving a fixed income in some way, and having no capacity to change their circumstances.

That’s not you though, right?

You can:

  • Choose to work with people unaffected by ups and downs in the economy
  • Decide to launch a high-ticket programme needing just a few joiners
  • Learn to describe your offer so it’s irresistible to your ideal client
  • Collaborate with fellow professionals already working with your ICA
  • Get SO good, “they” can’t ignore you (Famous quote from somebody)

In short, YOU have the power to create your own economy.

Love you lots

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