Looking for the exit?

In a traditional business, the owner has a shelf life.

I’ve been involved with loads of ventures where we’ve grown as big as we could – or wanted to – and I just plain got bored.

But this one’s different.

Jonny Hates Marketing has a “whole nother” vibe to it, for me and hopefully for you too.

It feels like more of a passion project, a mission, than anything I’ve been involved with so far.


Because, as a coaches, we get to do something very special.

We change lives, one-by-one, and one-by-many. 

If you ever feel you’re flagging, losing energy or even inexplicably getting bored, don’t think about giving up.

Don’t squander this wonderful gift, and the chance to impact the lives of even more people.

Realign, reinvent and reset, by all means.

Just don’t exit.

You have an infinite range of options before you get to that one.


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