Low Media Diet

As Brian Rose talks about here, we need to eliminate media distractions from our lives.

Distraction = Inaction, and there’s no greater distraction from our mission than the connected world we’re immersed in.

We spend more time on media devices than we do sleeping, and that massive time-suck is impacting minute-by-minute on our ability to produce anything of value.

To break free from destructive media addictions, we need to dramatically change our habits and take back our lives so we can create, dazzle and achieve.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Limit media consumption to 60 minutes a day – that includes emails, TV, YouTube and social media
  2. Look at emails twice a day, and NEVER in the first or last 60 minutes of the day
  3. Turn off ALL visual and audible notifications on your smartphone and PC
  4. Never, EVER expose yourself to news on TV, newspapers or online. It’s all designed to get you addicted and is always negative
  5. Don’t look at ANY screens in the last hour before bed

The internet’s only working for you if you’re controlling its impact on you. You wouldn’t tolerate a human standing by your shoulder talking randomly and continuously at you all day, so why allow media to do the same?

 The Low Media Diet might just be the best thing you do this year. 

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