Made Of Sugar?

My friend Dave is a tough and rugged outdoorsman. In another time, he could have been a gold prospector in the Old West.

I once said to him that I didn’t fancy going out, as it was raining. He said, but you’re not made of sugar.

So, today I went for a long walk in a blustery, wet Autumn morning, and Dave was right: I didn’t dissolve.

It’s easy to set the comfort bar way too low when you decide what you can and can’t do.

  • Have you ever turned down work because it might just be too hard?
  • Do you never ask for feedback in case it’s negative?
  • Is there an irrational phobia stopping you doing something other people are enjoying?
  • Are you worried about changing your business in case you break it?
  • How about trying to improve a relationship by having an awkward conversation?

Fact is, things rarely turn out as badly as the voice in your head tells you they could.

And most times, all that dissolves is your former misunderstanding.

Let’s Get On With It!

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