Make me an offer!

Make an offer

When I polled the members of the Jonny Hates Marketing Group earlier asking what was their biggest block to writing, many people said they struggled to create offers that sell.

Writing persuasive content is a science – although it might seem like an art – and here are some of the elements that I’ve proven to work:

  1. ABO – Always be offering. We’re not going to beg you to sell us something. Make sure we know what to buy, and how.
  2. Standardise language across social media, email and your website. We’ll get used to you quickly, and be more likely to buy
  3. Never offer more than one thing at once. We confuse easily, so don’t make us choose from a menu
  4. One headline, one big problem you know we have, one clear solution you provide. Pain + resolution = sales
  5. Humour – we want to see you’re a fun, approachable human, just like us. Write with a smile on your face.

This week is CONTENT WEEK in Jonny Hates Marketing, and I’ll be posting, emailing and generally pestering you with a ton of FREE stuff, so you can create compelling stories that will make us all love you and buy from you.

To Your Extravagant Success!

PS – Creating compelling content is a cornerstone of my FREE Facebook Groups Masterclass on the 25th April, where I’ll be showing you ALL the secrets of building a compelling FB Group like Jonny Hates Marketing.
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