More Revenue? Easy!

I’ve met a lot of coaches in the last few months who are planning on launching their low-cost digital products in 2018.

They say things like:

  • It’ll get people in my funnel so I can sell them my high-end coaching
  • Anyone can afford £47 (or $17pm, or $197, or whatever)
  • Everyone’s selling ebooks, so I need to jump on the gravy-train

The trouble with all those ideas is that you have to sell an AWFUL lot of products for it to be worthwhile. I know a guy who is an Amazon NUMBER ONE bestseller in his category and he’s grossed £1200 in sales.

Not only do you have to sell hundreds, or even thousands, of low-price items to make any money, but the cost of finding all those buyers usually far outweighs any potential income.

Even then, the real cost of trying to launch a low-cost digital product is the TIME you spend concocting, marketing and selling it.

In that time, you could be having simple conversations with REAL people about becoming your first (or next) high-paying client. When they agree to that – as somebody surely will, and soon – you will quickly learn about some REALLY important stuff:

  • Who you really are, and what you bring to the world
  • Who your ideal client is, and what problems they face
  • How you best attract and convert people into high-paying clients

And all the while you’re learning that, you can be earning 100x from one client what you’d earn from selling one ebook, assuming you ever did.

Low-cost digital products are hard to create, market and profit from. The time to consider them is when you’re already making a living from a thriving practice, with happy clients and spare money to invest.

Until then, high value, low-volume wins every time. 


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