Most people are broke – here’s why

There is no doubt most of the developed world lives in relative poverty compared to what is possible.

And it’s not about inequality, or about the fabled 1% “having all the money”.

There is no “all the money”. 

Money is in infinite supply, and just because someone has a lot, doesn’t mean anyone else has to make do with a little.

No, the real reason most people are broke is because they listen to the wrong people. 

  • Economists – did you ever see a billionaire economist?
  • The media – did you ever see a headline saying “everything’s great – you’re gonna be rich!”?
  • Their broke friends and family telling them to be careful and save
  • Employers paying them just enough to make it to the next month
  • The government telling them to tighten their belts

Reality: the economy is an illusion. 

Successful people create their own economy. Do you think Bezos, Gates or Musk are concerned about a shortage of money?

They’re not and they never were, even before they got wealthy.

The scarcity mentality says when you make a ton of money, you’re taking it from someone else.

Develop an abundance mindset instead, and you’ll realise by getting rich, you’re helping everyone else to get rich too.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Pro-tip, in summary:

Hang out with successful people, learn to solve a big problem for enough clients, and tap into abundance forever. 

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