Naked in the supermarket

Imagine you could visit Tesco without any clothes on.

Or ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
Or smoke in your local pub.
Or book on a plane that didn’t allow children.
Or talk to a support team who cared more about you than their boss.

Sadly, you can’t get to do any of that stuff, either because you’d be in trouble, or because it just isn’t a THING.

Of course, with your 21st century expert business, it’s different.

That’s because it’s your little world – your game, and you get to make the rules.

So you could decide:

Nobody with less than £10,000 to invest can join your programme
You don’t work 1-2-1 anymore, only in groups
Only female show-jumpers get to be your clients
If they post extreme conspiracy theories, you don’t care enough to help them
You’re going to keep on working with them until they get the results they want

What are your rules of engagement? 

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