Need A Guru?

I’m no George Harrison, but I’ve recently taken on a guru.

Yayati is actually a young therapist and healer based in Gujarat, and through the miracle of the internet we have weekly sessions where he’s helping me calm the hell down and connect with my inner self etc.

Today was a revelation, as he guided me into a meditative state where I remained for 15 minutes. I’ve tried meditating on my own, but never like this.

Since I emerged, I’ve felt so much clarity and energy, almost as if Yayati had detoxed my brain of the loose garbage flying about in there.

Life and work seems somehow easier and more fulfilling this afternoon.

Yayati will provide a free introductory session to any TSP member who reaches out, so if you’d like to explore what a real Anapanasati practitioner can do for you, ping me a note and I’ll introduce you.

It’ll make everything better, I promise you.

Author: Jonny

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