New method: get paid while you sleep

You have to be a pillow tester to literally earn money while you sleep. 

Outside of property and equity investing, passive income is a bit of a myth, and even then you need to maintain your portfolio.

But, as a 21st-century online coach or therapist, you can sell once and get paid forever – almost – by launching an online subscription community.

Here’s a simple 5-point plan to help you do that, and enjoy some stability in your cashflow:

  1. Work out what valuable stuff you know that your community needs to know
  2. Devise a way to deliver this to them in easy steps, such as live weekly calls and exclusive downloads
  3. Create a secret Group on Facebook and invite a few of your existing clients to join for FREE, forever
  4. Announce a pre-launch week with half-price-for-life founder memberships
  5. Finally launch memberships 3-6 times a year at full price

Your job then is to dazzle, amaze and delight your subscribers so they stay with you as long as possible.

Creating great content without the pressure of having to sell all over again sounds pretty easy, right?

A recurring revenue subscription community is a win-win for everyone, because your subscribers get some access to you at a fraction of the price of your other programmes.

Get started today on the 5-point plan, and reach out if you need any support.

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