No Complaints Please

According to legendary life coach T Harv Eker:

Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you can do for your happiness, your health, your money and your success!

Serial complaining is one of the least attractive attributes in business and personal relationships and also has a hugely detrimental effect on the complainer. It’s hard to be positive and think constructively if you’re already planning the next destructive moan.

And yet, whining about their job, their finances, their bad luck, and even their partner is a default habit for many people.

So, here’s your transformation challenge:

  1. Start each day with an affirmation of thanks for all the great stuff in your life (Hint: if you’re alive, it’s all great stuff)
  2. When you feel like complaining about someone, put yourself in their shoes and work out why they’re doing what they’re doing to offend you
  3. If you still need to confront them, try the PIP approach to constructive criticism
  4. Never, ever, broaden a complaint from the situation to the person. “You’re stupid/boring/clumsy/useless” won’t produce anything other than bad feeling and resentment
  5. Next time you’re about to air a complaint, bite your lip and keep quiet. You’ll be surprised how the outcome is very similar, whether you complain or not.

Try all the above for the next 5 days.

It might even become a habit.

Author: Jonny Cooper | This is me!

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