Not Your Problem!

Solve their problem

When you’re trying to sell anything to anyone, a great starting point is to climb inside their world, so you can see and feel the problems you’d have if you were them.

It’s of little interest to them how smart you are, how many other customers you have, what college you went to or how hard it was to build your amazing product.

It certainly matters not one bit to them whether you need to make a sale to pay a bill, or to keep your job or even a roof over your head.

In fact, all that ever matters to your prospect is what problem you’re solving for them.

With thanks to the legendary Russ Ruffino, here’s a smart checklist for a marketing strategy that SELLS:

  1. Understand the problem you’re solving.
  2. Find the people who want their problem solved NOW.
  3. Build 100 percent of your communication around their problem.
  4. Demonstrate that you have the solution to their problem.
  5. Show them how to reach out to get your help solving their problem.

Solve THEIR problem, and they’ll love you forever.

Let’s Get On With It!

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