Offer me something

I was talking to a coach today who I know very well as a smart, kind, heart-centered entrepreneur. 

She’s posting valuable content all across her social media every day and getting great engagement.

Unfortunately, she’s not turning that into paying clients, and she asked me to take a look.

I spotted the issue right away – she wasn’t asking me to DO anything!

We talked about my favourite acronym – ABO, Always Be Offering – and the light-bulb came on.

It’s super easy to go value, value, value with all your words, images and videos and overlook the most important bit:


You see, we don’t want more information. We want transformation, and we want YOU to deliver it.

Tell us HOW we can do that and stop making us BEG for it.


PS – This’d be a pretty lame post if I didn’t offer you anything, so here it is – the Easter intake of my Client Attraction Blueprint kicks off on the 23rd April. I’ll be working with a handful of enlightened entrepreneurs to create their thriving online practice. If you want the inside line, instead of wondering why it’s all not working yet, click here for details. 

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