One thing you might be missing

In your quest to build your 21st century coaching or therapy business, you might be skipping over one of the key success traits you need in your toolbox. 

That’s the ability to be different from everyone else.

Billionaire investor and philosopher Naval Ravikant says it best:

“Specific knowledge is knowledge you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else and replace you.”

So, if you’re “simply” [that’s probably a slightly mean word, but you get the idea] a hypnotherapist, a life coach, an NLP practitioner or any of a myriad of other learnable occupations, you’re at risk of being seen as a commodity.

Then, you have to compete on price, and with all the other people who can do a similar job with similar tools.

Here’s the antidote to having that happen:

Wrap your toolbox in gold leaf and a silk ribbon. Only untie it in ideal circumstances.

In real life, that means:

  • Find a specific aspect of human suffering or ambition that your skills can speak to
  • Build a community of people who are willing to pay you for that more than anything else
  • Shout from the rooftops with a unique brand, name and social media presence

Remember, your business potential is diluted by 50% every time an ideal client finds one viable alternative to you.

If there are hundreds, you probably don’t even have a business.  


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