Our Refund Policy


I was talking to a successful life coach today and he huffed about how he was in a wrangle with a client who wanted a refund.

They each had a different view of what was owed for what had been transacted, and each had converted those views into entrenched positions.

Here’s my take on fees, value and refunds:

  1. If a client comes on board, it’s because they view the prospect of working with you as a value proposition.
  2. Well done for positioning that and selling it.
  3. If a client later feels they’re not getting that value, it’s either because you’re doing a poor job, or because the client wasn’t suitable for your service in the first place.
  4. Either way, it’s your responsibility.
  5. You just learnt a great lesson which will enable you to tweak your approach for the future.
  6. Refund them, with pleasure, and thank them for the experience.
  7. This should be rule one: never, ever sue a client. If they dislike you enough to ask for a refund, imagine how they’ll hate you after 6 weeks of litigation.

We only ever want to work with people who want to work with us, right? Voluntarily, not because we forced them to.

Let’s get on with it!

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