Pay attention – or maybe don’t

Speaker and Hindu priest Dandapani makes an excellent point when he says:

“If I took a watering can and watered the garden bed; would the weeds grow or the flowers grow? Both. Water has no ability to discriminate between the weeds and the flowers. Whatever you water grows.”

And it’s the same with what you focus on in your life and business:

  • Your bad debt will grow if you spend time worrying about it
  • The haters will hate more if you feed them
  • You’ll get really good at procrastination if you practice it
  • Hours wasted scrolling newsfeeds will multiply till that’s all you’re doing
  • Trying to mend toxic relationships instead of ending them will make them blossom like nettles

As racing drivers and bikers know for sure, you’ll hit what you’re looking at.

Better focus on the open space of future exponential abundance, rather than the cage-bars of your current reality. 


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