Pick a direction

Is this any part of your strategic thinking right now?

😳 I don’t want to pester people with my offers in this crisis
😳 I’m taking a break and enjoying some me-time
😳 Nobody has any money right now, so I’m not charging
😳 I’m building my programmes ready for when this is over
😳 They’ll all come back to me when they’re back at work

Stick with this analogy…

You know when you’re on a train in a station, and the carriage alongside starts moving?

It tricks your brain into thinking you’re moving, and the other train’s not, right?

What’s actually happening is that you’re going backwards with some velocity relative to the other train.

There is no standing still.

And in your coaching or therapy business, if you’re not chugging on forward right now, it’s going to be really bad news for you anytime soon.

Not just because you’re not serving people who need you more than ever.

And not just because you’re missing out on possibly the opportunity of a lifetime to establish your authority.

No, the really big kicker is that the other experts around you are moving forwards, hoovering up your clients, building their brands and leaving you cowering in their steaming fumes, possibly forever.

Standing still is not an option.

It’s not even a thing.


PS – Moving forward at pace is what we’ll all be doing next week in the Get Clients From Facebook Challenge. You in yet?

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