Plug that leak, now

Some hard things:

  • Working out what exactly you DO
  • Defining your ideal client
  • Building a community for them
  • Identifying enough people to talk to
  • Creating a programme to serve them

It makes no sense to do all that work in attracting and engaging your ideal client, only to have them say “NO” right at the end. 

That’s why the template for your sales call [aargh! we hate “selling”, right?] is one of the most important tools in your box.

Here’s a short checklist to make sure your sales calls aren’t just a big expensive hole in your marketing bucket:

  • Don’t waffle – this conversation is about business
  • Check you’re talking to the decision-maker
  • Walk them through what they’ll be getting, line-by-line
  • Ask, “taking money off the table, can you see yourself getting started on this right away?”
  • Reveal the price, and offer simple payment options if needed
  • Stay on the call as payment is made. Stripe is great, PayPal still ok.

Don’t forget, “losing” a sale means you earn no money, and the client stays exactly where she is.

Worse, she may even engage another “expert” who’s not as talented as you.

And that’s no good for either of you, is it? 


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