Podcasting and the art of getting found

ALl the goodies

Something strange has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been getting Real Estate professionals from a certain part of the US asking to join my Facebook Group.

Not a few, but like 3-5 a day for a fortnight.

They’re not really my niche, so I assumed it was some AI glitch in the FB algorithm.

Then, I asked one of these property guys, hey, how did you find my Group?

He said, we heard you on a podcast!


So, one podcast recording I’d been invited on out of the blue – I’d even half-forgotten I’d done it – and 50 people who didn’t know me before now want to engage with me.

That shows the power of guest-podcasting, but it also shows how it pays to be open to opportunities, and to give stuff a try even when you don’t know it’ll work.

Note to self: get on more podcasts…


PS – Here’s a quick note for you. The Inner Circle subscriptions are going up to $99 a month for new joiners after 30th September, so there are only a few left at half that. Check it out here, and if the button works, grab a membership now. 

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