The Power Of Good Ideas

We live in a world stupefied by the legacies of terrible historical ideas.

It’s like we’re honouring our ancestors by refusing to consider they might just have been wrong.

Here are just a few crazy behaviours we should have given up long ago:

  • Willfully inhaling poisons from plants we ignite and stick in our mouths
  • Supplicating ourselves to invisible, man-made sky-daddies
  • Murdering animals to please our taste-buds
  • Ruining our health and the planet by burning organic fuel in our transportation
  • Relying on medicine to treat illnesses that we caused ourselves

Admittedly, some of those ideas are on their way to the dustbin of former ignorance, but mostly not quickly enough.

On a personal level, the least we can do, (and probably the most we need to do), is to spread science, reason and clarity far and wide, human-to-human.

Each of us should promote our intolerance of terrible ideas as publicly as we promote our products and services.

And anyway, saying “Here’s a better way, join me” positions you as a thought-leader and makes everyone more receptive to buying whatever else you’re selling.

Let’s Get On With It!

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