[PROVEN] Your two-part business plan

I’m asked every day by the fabulously talented members in JHM for my opinions on all kinds of stuff.

  • Does this post read well?
  • How’s this for an client avatar?
  • What do you think to this programme?
  • Should I send more than 2 emails a week out?
  • Have I priced this too low, or am I offering too much?

My answer is usually not too prescriptive.

Different things work differently in different circumstances, and in different hands.

There are really only two stages to [eventual] success:

  1. Have an idea
  2. Try it

Sorry if that sounds less than useful, but it’s sometimes the very best of advice. 


PS: There are certain fundamental strategies that work all of the time, like my 3 Pillars of Effortless Marketing. Did you read them yet? 

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