RE: Our conversation

YOU: Jonny, is there something more advanced than the CAB?
ME: You mean like a follow-on programme?
YOU: Yes, something for more experienced coaches and therapists
ME: To get you maybe from £5k a month to £10k and beyond?
YOU: At least yes. Just like what you’re doing
ME: Well, it’d have to be very intense and in small exclusive groups
YOU: Suits me. I think I’m ready
ME: It won’t be cheap
YOU: Well, durrr
ME: So reply to this email with the numbers in the list below that are most important to you. That’ll help me to understand what you’d need from this “advanced” programme, and I’ll see what I can do
YOU: I’m on it. Can I reply with my own suggestions too?
ME: Go for it.

1: Building and selling a £50k offer
2: Recurring revenue from subscriptions
3: Top-class sales copywriting training
4: Best entrepreneurial practices for coaches/therapists
5: Facebook advertising
6: Mindset and self-confidence strategies
7: Automated funnels

(Reply with your top 3 and I’ll get back to you with some ideas)


PS: It feels like things are looking up, right!?

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