Remember doing this as a child?

My client and health guru Nigel Gosling writes about the bad decisions you got away with when you were young, like eating McDonalds.

As he says, “Your adaptive reserve means you can take the abuse of a nutrient-void diet …with no signs of health issues”.

As you age, of course, poor dietary decisions bring consequences like heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

In business too, some of the stuff you might have done when you were young and reckless has no place in your world today:

  • Winging it without a clear plan
  • Teaming up with the wrong sorts
  • Trying to sell to everyone
  • Having no grip on finances
  • Working like a dog to make ends meet

It’s time to stop acting like a wide-eyed teenager and start making your days, weeks and months count.

You’re not learning the game anymore.

You’re playing it.

Love you lots

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