Rewire your fears

“How would you face the world if your face was disfigured? I had to answer this question while looking into the mirror at my own face cut open. After removing the one obstacle that nearly killed my vision of becoming a rocket scientist, I learned the process in overcoming fear”

– Olympia LePoint

 Many people want to accomplish their great life mission, but fear debilitates them. In each challenge, fear can potentially stop you from reaching your personal success.

This mental block forces your brain to shut off the operation in your frontal brain lobes, leaving you unable to solve problems.

This is particularly pertinent if you’re considering switching your business model to recurring revenue through subscriptions, as this involves a seismic shift in mindset, replacing old, now-redundant habits with vibrant new ones.

Do you have fears that are holding you back personally? Do you have fears that are holding you back professionally?

Would you like to know how to change that feeling of fear into a positive emotion?

Watch the TED talk here:

Author: Ellen Kay : Let’s help rewire YOUR fears!

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