S1 EP2 – Guru Yayati Desai puts Jonny in trance with his effortless marketing

This week on Jonny Hates Marketing you get an out-of-body experience as Jonny meets Indian mindfulness guru Yayati Desai, and learns how to chill his way to coaching riches without setting ever foot on the internet. Well, almost.

Using the full gamut of modern technology – microphones, headphones and a very long cable, Jonny connects his voice in the UK to the ears of Yayati in Gujurat, who does the same back, in real-time and without delay. Amazing.

Listen in wonder as the lads discuss:

  • Why a ridiculous question can get a ridiculously big result
  • How to open the Aladdin’s Cave on your doorstep
  • When family ties proved a simple way to more clients
  • Why a local business still works in the age of globalisation
  • What a chilled-out person REALLY sounds like

BONUS: Free ten-minute LIVE meditation, with actual meditation music and stuff.

Jonny Hates Marketing, but he loves a live link to India.

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