Sales without burnout

Art of Selling

A skilled coach told me recently she was feeling burned out with all the effort she was putting into sales of her £2,000 programme. 

We did a 20-minute audit of her sales “process”  (speech thingies because it was barely a process at all) and this is what we found:

1: She posts about her programme once a week
2: She sends “info” and prices out to people who enquire
3: She chases them up in emails and DMs
4: Almost everyone ghosts her, apart from a few assorted weirdos
5: She caves in on her prices and gives people discount bribes to sign up

One sale a month is her run rate, and I’m surprised she manages that. Most people would crash and burn completely with this approach.

Here’s how we fixed it.

I had her commit to starting ONE conversation a day with someone she hadn’t spoken to before, and offer to help them on a brief 20-minute video call to solve a specific problem they mentioned in a comment or post. 

Results after 2 weeks:

  • 7 calls booked in
  • 3 sales
  • £6,000 revenue
  • Happy, chilled and confident
  • Not at all burned out

And that’s the difference between a process and a distant dream. 



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