Save 50% on your expenses

I’m a huge fan of investing to grow. Money makes money, right?

But “spending” isn’t the same as “investing”, and Seth Godin reminded me yesterday about the concept of an indifferent overhead.

This is money you’re spending that isn’t noticed by the people you serve.

Some examples: 

  • Subscription software and platforms you don’t use anymore
  • Premium versions of software when the free version will do (LinkedIn? lol)
  • Over-expensive digital services when cheaper alternatives now exist (ClickFunnels vs GHL)
  • Foolhardy coaching programmes that mire you in debt and never move you forward
  • Out-of-control time and cash spent on “perfecting” websites, banners, and socials nobody’s looking at

As Seth says, if the client doesn’t care, perhaps you shouldn’t either.

Plus, you’ll save time and money to focus on what really matters:

Starting conversations with people who look like your next ideal clients. 


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