Self-confidence the easy way

As author James Clear says, the easiest way to change who you are is to change what you do.

And if you’re feeling underconfident, unqualified or even fearful about the potential for your coaching or therapy business, there’s only one way to overcome that.

Give life to your glorious plans, and see what happens. 

  • Don’t try and work out the next five years
  • Don’t write massive blogs for no-one
  • Don’t stare at a blank screen
  • Don’t envy others’ progress
  • Don’t hide away

Instead, open your favourite social media platform and send a message to someone who looks like your ideal client, suggesting a video call to share some insights that might help.

Do that again and again for a week, and make some offers.

Some people will agree, and some people will buy.

Then you’ll be a different person, because you did something different.

You’ll be a business owner who started a business. 

Love you lots

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