Selling sucks

Most of us hate selling stuff to people. Even salespeople deep-down wish they didn’t have to.

Imagine if you could get your business to a point where you really, really, didn’t have to sell anymore.

Imagine if you could get the same bunch of customers who bought from you last month to buy from you automatically next month, and all the months after that.

Well, that’s exactly what you get when you transform your old-fashioned sales business into a recurring revenue juggernaut.

Here’s why recurring revenue rules:

  1. Customer retention is way higher
  2. Brand loyalty soars
  3. Revenue growth is exponential
  4. Data collection and research is easy
  5. Your business is more valuable (think EXIT baby!)
  6. Referrals are easier, so marketing is cheaper
  7. Income is more predictable
  8. You don’t have to be there all the time
  9. Collaboration and JVs are easier
  10. More free time to work on exceptional products

So that’s WHY recurring revenue is the future of sales.

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Author: Jonny Cooper | Join The Party!

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