Showing Up

Showing up

South Africa-based writer Brian Teare talks about how to keep going when you feel like giving up – and why you should!

Like me, he publishes a daily message to his tribe and, like me, sometimes feels like he’s run out of:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Ideas
  • Excitement

When that happens, he reminds himself of one fundamental truth about how the world works:

“Showing up is 80{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} of life”

When you show up, regularly and consistently, you open yourself up to opportunities that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

After almost a year of daily publishing, people I don’t know are sending me messages about how much they’re enjoying reading my stuff, and some of them want to get to know me, and work with me.

As Teare says,

This is what it means to live an exponential life. We make what seems like gradual, slow progress when suddenly one thing falls into place and we take off, unable to see the spot we were just moments before.


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