Simple hack to double your income

I mixed with a bunch of interesting and wealthy folks yesterday at a trackday. 

All at an appropriate distance, of course.

They rolled up with their snazzy sportscars – some worth over £200,000 – and thrashed them round a race circuit.

To a man and woman, they were business owners.

Business owners with spare cash, clearly.

And many suffering with stuff YOU could help them overcome.

According to Mindvalley, business coaches earn twice as much as life coaches, on average.

2.83 times, to be precise, but that wouldn’t fit in the headline.

And if that’s true, it’s easy to see why business owners will pay you well for sage advice:

  • They lose money when things go wrong
  • They make more money when things go right
  • They may struggle to find a work-life balance
  • Their insecurities are magnified as their business grows
  • Imposter syndrome and anxiety can have huge effects on their output

The other cool thing about business owners?

They’re in it to win – no neg-heads or slackers there.

So, they’re probably fun to work with, as well as lucrative.


PS – If you fancy making a plan for working with business owners as clients, reply to this email with “Business”. I feel a pop-up workshop coming on.
Also PS – That image? Some rich guys in a McLaren and a Ferrari yesterday, and me, about to overtake them. Money don’t buy talent… 😉

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