So, LinkedIn’s better than Facebook

Or not, maybe.

If you could just master one of the two pre-eminent social media platforms for business, how do you choose?

The answer is, it depends.

  • If you’re primarily a life coach or therapist, FB, hands down.
  • Unless your ideal client is a business executive or entrepreneur, in which case, maybe LinkedIn.
  • And if you’re a business coach or consultant, you’ll want to master LinkedIn anyway.
  • Unless your ideal client is a solopreneur, in which case, maybe Facebook.

So, I hope that’s settled then.

Actually, there’s a nuance here, and it’s the reason why you’ll want to leverage BOTH FB & LI.

Have you ever tried to communicate via LI direct messaging? It’s tough, as some folks take days to reply, even weeks.

By contrast, FB pretty much invented instant messaging, and the world is umbilically connected by it. Response times can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.

So, here’s a plan:

Invite your business contacts from LinkedIn to join your Facebook Group.

That way you might actually get to talk to them.

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