So What?

So What?

I was at a networking event years ago and this guy asked me, what do you do? I said I was a business coach, and his response shook me to the core.

“Bored!!”, he yelled before walking off, briskly.

I was shocked at his rudeness, but more shocked that I could elicit that kind of reaction.

If he felt like that, maybe everyone else did as well.

Since then, I’ve worked on my ability to explain what I REALLY do with clarity, simplicity and in a way that engages.

It’s important that people aren’t left feeling – or even saying – “so what?” when you introduce yourself.

Try these:

  • I’m a coach (YUK!)
  • I’m a young person’s coach
  • I work with children and teenagers
  • I work with children and teenagers who’ve lost their way and have issues
  • I work with children and teenagers who need a little help to find their inner strength and feel happy and safe.

Only that last one couldn’t be answered with “so what?”.

Whenever someone asks you, “what do you do…?”, make sure you tell them WHAT you do, WHO you do it for, and WHY it matters.

I’d hate for you to get a rude answer.


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