Spring Into This!


It’s the last day of winter today, which must mean tomorrow is the first day of spring.

How marvellous!

The season of rebirth, regrowth and the increasing warmth of the sun is upon us. 

Springtime for me will be marked by the launch of my first book, some public speaking, and a laser-focus on serving you with as much value and support as I can muster.

I’m looking ahead to the April intake of the Client Attraction Blueprint, my 12-week programme designed to transform your coaching practice from Surviving to Thriving.

Over 90-days of weekly Zoom sessions, as well as open access to me and your fellow students by email, you’ll get to learn:

  • Who exactly is your ideal client, and why
  • How to describe what you do, clearly and consistently
  • How to turn Facebook from a big fat waste of time into a FREE client-generation machine
  • Why email is crucial, and how to build a list
  • How to convert warm prospects into high-paying clients at will
  • What your signature programme means, and how to create it

There’s much, much more in the CAB for Spring 2018, and I’ve put together a whole page about it right here.

I can’t wait to bring some April sunshine into your business.

Let’s do this!


PS – The Amazing Early Bird Discount runs for another 12 days, then it’s gone. Fix a call and ask me about it.

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