Start Before You’re Ready!

Virgin Airlines

James Clear tells a great story about Richard Branson’s first experience of selling airline tickets.

The last leg of Branson’s flight to meet a young lady in the Virgin Islands was cancelled, so he chartered a small plane before he knew how he would pay for it, and stood in the lounge with a sign that said “Virgin Airlines $29”.

Other people who’d been affected by the cancellation bought tickets from him, and he flew to meet his girlfriend at their expense.

As Clear points out: successful people start before they feel ready. They choose “themselves” instead of waiting for someone else to choose them.

It’s ok to feel uncertain, unprepared, and under-qualified.

What’s not ok is to wait for the time when you’re completely certain, totally prepared and fully qualified.

That time will never come, and anyway: everything you’ll need, you already have.

Let’s Get On With It!

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