Struggling To Find A Niche?

Without stating the bleeding obvious, we’re living through some strange times.

More than “strange” if you just got made redundant, like 156,457 UK workers did from March to August 2020.

Many of those unfortunate employees will be feeling:

😕 Sad
😕 Angry
😕 Anxious
😕 Worthless
😕 Depressed

So here’s an idea.

Mindset, motivation and determination are going to be vital to them at this point.

How about you put together a programme designed to help them work out what to do with the next stage of their lives?

Call it “Joyful Redundancy” or “Life After Employment” or “Their Loss, Your Opportunity”…

You get the idea.

Then apply your glorious gifts to a sector of the population who really needs you, right now.

Any questions?


PS – The image? “Worker facing sack hires clown to pull sad faces during his redundancy meeting” – Metro News.

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