Tell me about your shape

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?

I have, and he kicked my ass into shape.

Not just my ass, you understand,. Many of my other bits too.

If we think of our business as a living, breathing entity – I’m sure that’s how our clients view it – then shouldn’t we hire someone to get all our business-bits into shape too?

I’ve got a team of 5 specialists around me at JHM, working on:

  • Design
  • Copy
  • Tech
  • Social Media
  • Bots

They’re supporting me, training me, and occasionally doing stuff for me that I can’t or don’t want to do myself.

There’s no way my business would be in the shape it is without them, and no way I’d be fit for anything after a few days doing battle on my own.

If you want to start a team, but are worried about costs, focus on the value you place on getting your business in shape for success.

Then hire the best you can afford to help you today.

You can start getting in shape for less than you imagine. 


PS – I’m experimenting with sending out these emails out a bit earlier in the day, around breakfast time in the UK. Is that better/worse for you, or don’t you care? Your reply’d be useful. 

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