Tell me your story

Everyone loves a great story, and your clients are no exception.

It’s your chance to put into context what you do, and how you got here.

It’s also parting the curtain on you as a 3D human.

Done well, it’s a critical component of your relatability.

But you have to be careful.

People are story-savvy.

Don’t embellish, exaggerate or make shit up.

I’ve seen variations of these punted out on my newsfeed:

🥳 18 months ago I was sleeping on my mate’s couch. Then I discovered the secret to riches and bought a Manhattan apartment
🥳 I was a homeless addict, then my friend showed me ClickFunnels and I made $10k in my first month
🥳 I escaped my country with $20 in my pocket and built an 8-figure empire in 3 years

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, which is often lacking.

But you guys – you’ve got some wonderful stories that need no polishing:

🤩 Philip Carrington – Army Bomb Disposal Expert, child therapist and sales trainer. What a package!
🤩 Dee Shepherd – Cured herself of a debilitating physical condition that had her practically immobile for a decade!
🤩 Jessica Fleischer – 2 x UK kickboxing champion turned motivational coach!
🤩 Jen Tiller – Former asthmatic, has become one of the world’s foremost experts on conscious breathing!
🤩 Simon Stocker – Angry youth making bad decisions, now a kind, insightful parenting coach!

The list goes on, and we regularly celebrate your remarkable achievements here in JHM.

Add your one-sentence story to the post here!


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