The #1 billionaire success secret

“The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” – Andrew Carnegie

We read a lot about multiple income streams, and the power of spreading your “risk”, whatever that is.

But that flies in the face of the strategy adopted by the world’s great entrepreneurs and creators.

Bill Gates: Software
Steve Jobs: Technology
Warren Buffet: Investing
Jeff Bezos: eCommerce
Andrew Carnegie: Steel
You: Coaching (possibly)

While you’re faffing around trying to get coaching clients, building an MLM business and working on a property hustle, all your single-tracked colleagues are likely running rings around you.

It’s hard to focus on more than one thing at once, and you’ll do none of them well if you try.

Like you, there are many things I CAN do, but that doesn’t mean I SHOULD, and certainly not altogether.

Nor should you.

Keep your one basket close, watch the eggs hatch and the chicks thrive. 

Then you can try something else, if you must.

Love you lots

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